Verdict of the Gassama case: FIFA prolongs the suspense

After the filing of the appeal file of the Algerian football federation with FIFA, the international body gave an appointment to the Algerians for Thursday, April 21 to reveal the outcome of the Algerian complaint.

Supporters of the Algerian team scrutinized the verdict of the highest body in the world of football from the early hours of Thursday, in vain. This opens the door to many questions about the outcome of the case filed by the FAF services.

Among the most recent official statements on the subject of the Algerian appeal, the communications officer for the Algerian team, Salah Bey-Aboud, returned to the question which has been troubling Algerian fans for nearly a month, “FIFA does not would not necessarily give an answer on Thursday. he explains over the radio. This could provide information on how long FIFA’s verdict will take to be revealed.

For its part, the body headed by Gianni Infantino did not communicate on the identity of the commission which takes charge of the Algerian file, which leaves doubts among the supporters of the Algerian team.

The wait may be longer for fans of the greens who only have media scuffles by media interposed to liven up their evenings. A situation that prolongs the suspense of the Algerian supporters who are eager to read in bold the possible success of the Algerian team on all the tabloids.

A major decision?

The elimination of Djamel Belmadi’s men was very bitter to digest, an observation shared by all Algerian supporters. Amidst tears and disappointment, the announcement of the filing of the appeal file with FIFA was the light that shed light on the gloomy atmosphere that reigned since the final whistle of the Gambian referee, Bakary Gassama.

The latter was a decisive factor in the equation for qualification for the 2022 World Cup. Doubtful, scandalous and pretentious, these are the words used by the Algerian public in the aftermath of the defeat. The decision to lodge a complaint against the referee breathed new life into the fans who had only dreamed of qualifying for the next World Cup.

The International Football Federation will decide on the subject of the Algerian appeal, a decision which should soon be revealed, to the happiness of some and the misfortune of others.

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