Violation of contracts: FIFpro slams the Algerian championship

The international union of professional footballers (FIFpro) has advised footballers in the world not to try an experience in the Algerian championship. The simple reason, almost all clubs are suffering from an acute financial crisis. As a result, they cannot ensure the salaries of their players.

Fifpro, the international union of professional footballers, has been alarming about unpaid wages in several world championships. She has established on her official Twitter account a list of seven championships to avoid. Unsurprisingly, Algeria is in the lead, followed by China, Greece (D2), Libya, Romania or even Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Indeed, FIFPro has warned footballers against the risks associated with contracts with clubs in the championships in question. It must be said that the trade union organization points the finger at systematic and widespread contractual violations.

Algerian championship: clubs in bankruptcy

In the Algerian league, the financial situation of clubs is alarming. Apart from those who have solid state companies behind them, namely the MCA, the CRB, the USMA and the CSC, all the other residents of Ligue 1 end each exercise with a loss.

Too much spending and a lack of returnees at the same time, the financial management of Algerian clubs leaves something to be desired, including prestigious clubs such as JSK, ESS or even MCO. This has led to disputes with their players. The latter line up in front of the National Dispute Resolution Chamber (CNRL) at the end of each season. A procedure by which they exercise “forcing” to collect their salary arrears.

Regarding the African players who have passed through our championship, let’s not talk about it. Indeed, they do not hesitate to seize the competent international bodies to collect their due. They end up winning and suddenly pocketing a big jackpot. Indebted, no less than a dozen clubs find themselves deprived of recruitment during each transfer period.

It must be said that a major reform is needed in our football. Several things need to be reviewed, particularly in terms of training. The clubs, meanwhile, and instead of demanding a state company, they must take the example of Paradou AC. The latter remains the only club in the championship whose financial management is beyond reproach. This is, of course, thanks to the export of several young people abroad from its famous academy.

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