Visit of the Bab El Oued University Hospital: “It’s a shame”, Benbouzid’s rant

In Algeria, the management of the health sector continues to arouse controversy. Despite the sizeable budget that the State devotes to hospitals, staff and patients report breaches of basic hygiene requirements every day.

During a working visit yesterday to the Bab El Oued hospital (Algiers), the Minister of Health, Abderrahmane Benbouzid, gave a big rant at the working conditions of the workers.

Benbouzid deplores “shameful” and “unacceptable” conditions

Indeed, Benbouzid said he greatly regrets that in large hospitals, duty rooms suffer from the absence of minimum comfort conditions. ” It’s a shame ! »the minister was indignant.

As a result, he called for them to be equipped with at least “a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a bed and a television”. Especially in these very hot times when professionals need water and cold drinks.

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Deploring the terrible quality of the meals served in hospitals, Benbouzid launched: “I saw trays (of food) given in a CHU, I swear by God that if we presented them to an animal, it would turn away! The Minister clarified that it is a CHU in which he had gone at night.

Then, Benbouzid said that this situation forces guard staff, especially women, to prepare their food at home to bring it back to their place of work. “This is unacceptable! “, dropped the minister, visibly angry.

Ensuring a decent environment for patients and professionals

Benbouzid also wanted to recall that welcoming the sick and treating them well, providing staff with a decent working environment, ensuring the proper functioning of equipment – are “necessary and indisputable” requirements.

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To conclude his intervention, Benbouzid, expressed his desire to see health professionals working in suitable conditions so that they can exercise in the best psychological conditions. “We are going to offer them everything they need to work well,” promised the minister.

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