When Tony Chapron goes down in flames Belmadi

Former French referee Tony Chapron slammed national coach Djamel Belmadi following the latter’s remarks against Gambian referee Bakary Gassama. According to him, Belmadi is a “mediocre” person who just tried to make excuses following the elimination of the Greens from the next World Cup.

Renowned for being someone who does not mince words in his media releases, Djamel Belmadi revealed in his last interview the lively exchange he had with the Gambian referee in the lounges of Algiers airport. “I didn’t like seeing him the day after (the match) comfortably seated in our lounges at the airport drinking coffee and eating a mille-feuille. I emptied my bag and ran into him again in Turkey and told him who he was again. When you go to Africa, you don’t often get special treatment. He took away the hope of a whole people and we leave him like that… I’m not saying that he should be killed but he should not be left alone. he had thus declared.

A statement that made several people react. After the president of Fecafoot, Patrick Mboma, it was the turn of the former French referee of Tony Chapron who described as “serious” the remarks made by the national coach.

“It’s an insult, what he says is extremely serious (Editor’s note: concerning the end of Belmadi’s statement). I think he should be suspended for quite a while. We are clearly faced with a call for violence, ”he said, on the set of a sports program broadcast on the Canal + television channel, and added: “I am appalled by such remarks.

If the Algerians don’t go to the World Cup, they have only themselves to blame. When you score a goal in the 118th minute in a play-off with extra time and end up losing, ask yourself questions. It is they who are responsible for their elimination, and not the referee,” he continued.

Tony Chapron qualifies Belmadi: “He’s mediocre”

The least we can say is that Tony Chapron fired red balls at Djamel Belmadi. He called him “mediocre” for making excuses following the elimination from the upcoming World Cup.

“I find it outrageous. As I often say: “Champions find solutions, mediocre ones find excuses”. Belmadi is mediocre,” he asserts in a tirade that will already prolong and rekindle the flames of a debate that is still just as incandescent a month after the final whistle.

It should be noted that Tony Chapron has a “black” background in his refereeing career. He is regularly denounced in the media for his aggressive or vulgar exchanges with his interlocutors. Worse, he is also accused of a very high proportion of card allocations (757 yellow and 65 red during his career), hence the nickname which is frequently given to him, “Little Red Riding Hood”.

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